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From Embers to Ashes

The Farms

The Farms and Fields of Honduras and Nicaragua
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The Premium Cigar Art Gallery

Welcome to the first art gallery dedicated solely to the craft and artistry of premium cigars. From beautiful tobacco farms to bountiful aging rooms, experience the grandeur of premium cigar creation right in your home. We've spent years capturing and cataloging every step of the cigar making process -- From seed to stem to smoke. And now, after years of showcasing the artistry of our world-class tobacco, we're ready to share this curated collection with you. 

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Farms & Fields
Welcome to the tobacco fields of Honduras and Nicaragua.
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The Factory
Did you know that it takes over 300 hands to create a single cigar?
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Gallery Quality

Premium Art Prints

Bring home the heritage of cigar making with one of our gallery quality prints.

Print Mediums

Printed using only the finest quality materials, every one of our ultra-premium prints is available in 4 unique styles (Acrylic, Canvas, Metallic, and Framed.) To ensure the absolute highest quality, each print is handled individually and packaged resourcefully by a trained staff of artists.